Wine for Wellness

Wine for Wellness

Nowadays, we have enough information readily available to us to make educated decisions on our dietary choices. We come across new findings every day. Health and wellness tips come and go as trends, the way certain clothing styles do by season. Green juices were the thing in 2016, but have you heard? Bone broth has somehow taken popularity now in 2017. No matter where you lie on the diet spectrum, whether you are vegan or paleo, we can all unite under this one finding that defied the phenomenological nature of health and wellness trends… wine is beneficial to your health!

Wine is Not a Health Trend 

It is something we have known since biblical times that science has politely affirmed for us thereafter. In fact, wine has been proven to improve our health in a whole range of ways from psychological to physical. Wine is said to have risk reducing properties as well as disease prevention capability. Of the array of findings available to us, we have seen that wine can help reduce the risk of dementia and depression, and is said to prevent various cancers and diseases. Liver disease, prostate cancer, breast cancer prevention are three examples of what benefits may come from wine consumption.

Wine is Good for the Gut

Health prevention gives us a sense of satisfaction in that we are investing into our healthier future selves, but we are living in an era of instant gratification. So how does wine improve our health in the here and now? Well aside from risk reduction and prevention, drinking wine can regulate our current state of health. Wine is proven to regulate immune function and monitors blood sugar levels, helping with Type 2 Diabetes and improving gut health.

A recent study conducted revealed that there is actually a positive relationship between controlling blood sugar levels in improving good and bad gut bacteria levels. This study concludes that the food we consume does not only affect our blood sugar levels but also our gut health. Declining gut health means the likelihood of developing diabetes, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and various skin disorders. So wine is beneficial to the gut and a healthy gut means reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. The properties wine possess help with improving gut health and regulating blood glucose levels simultaneously.

Dry Wine vs. Sweet Wine

So if our aim is to promote a healthy gut and regulate our blood sugar levels to prevent diabetes, heart disease and endless other scares, it’s best to opt for a dry wine. Dry wines allow for you to consume the properties which improve immune function, such as polyphenols and antioxidants, while containing less sugar - for those inspired to monitor their blood sugar levels. But do remember, just because a wine is dry does not necessarily mean it will taste bitter. Acidity, tannin and alcohol will change the perception of that sweetness. And if all those factors fail you whilst your cravings for sweets are through the roof, just turn up some music.

Music Makes Alcohol Taste Sweeter

Yes, you heard correctly. There is hope and you heard those sweet words loud and clear. Music is said to alter taste perception. Astudy conducted by the University of Portsmouth announced that the volume of music and noise in a drinking environment has the capacity to alter the taste of alcohol during consumption. Another study published by theBritish Journal of Psychology found that music itself can influence how wine is perceived to taste.

Wines & Rhymes

So for those of you on a health journey— who may also have a sweet tooth— we have compiled a list of dry wine you can purchase from us at Brewbound and the perfect songs to pair them along with. You’re welcome!


Wine: Lake Chalice Chardonnay
Song:Going to California” by Led Zepplin

Wine: The Old Masters Medium Sherry
Song:Elvira” by Oak Ridge Boys

Wine: Te Mata Syrah
Song:You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones

Wine: Church Rd Mc Donald Sauvignon Blanc
Song:Summer Wine” by The Corrs ft. Bono

Wine: Jacob's Creek DB Cabernet Sauvignon
Song:When I’m 64” by The Beatles


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