Refreshing Drops Perfect for Summer

Most Refreshing Summer Beers

When you picture yourself catching some rays and enjoying the best of New Zealand’s summer weather, you probably imagine a refreshing beverage in your hand. Regardless of your favourite summer tipple Brewbound have your back! If you’re yet to discover your favourite summer drink, or would just like to try out something new, you'll want to read on. We’ve written a blog post list of the most refreshing summer Beer and Cider, have a red below:

Corona Extra

For a light refreshing pale larger you can’t look past the simple, crisp taste of a Corona Extra. Corona is one of the highest selling beers worldwide, and it’s clear why. Commonly served with an additional slice of lemon or lime this is the classic lighter beer for the summer BBQ.

Brew bound are currently selling Corona Extra at the unbeatable price 25.99 for a 12 pack. Enjoy!

Asahi Super Dry

Asahi has a refreshing barley flavour and crisp aftertaste; Asahi Super Dry is by far the most popular high-quality beer in Japan, and it’s easy to see why. Brewbound currently selling Asahi Super Dry for just $24.99.

Desperados Tequila Beer

Desperados were the worlds first Tequila-flavoured beer. Sounds unusual right, we assure you it’s far more delicious than it sounds, crisp full-bodied larger with lemony, spicy aftertaste. Serve it cold with a slice of lime for the perfect strong summer larger.

Macs Ginger Beer

While not technically a beer, Mac’s Ginger Beer is particularly bold in flavour the beer is appropriately brewed using real pieces of ginger. Not at all similar to the sugary fizzy drink, you’ll find in large plastic bottles, macs ginger beer is crafted perfectly to give a beautiful balance of sweet, bitter and spicy.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Peroni is a simple but incredibly well executed distinctive pale, medium-strength larger beer. Crisp and refreshing and inoffensive, it’s sure to be a hit with every beer drinker at your summer BBQ. If simple larger is your go-to beer, you can’t do better than Peroni.

DB Export Citrus 0.0%

There are often occasions where you will want to reduce or avoid all alcohol consumption. DB recognise that sometimes nothing beats nothing. Which is why they brewed DB Export Citrus with 0.0% alcohol content. Still delicious and crisp with a lemony citrus flavour they’ve brewed the beer in precisely the same way as the alcoholic original but the alcohol is the only part they got rid of.

Tuatara Mix 6

If you want to try something new but unsure where to start Tuatara Mix 6 is a fantastic option, with six very distinct types of beer in a single six pack, this is a great way to expand your beer horizons. Tuatara has to be one of the most common gateways into a craft beer obsession, their range of beers is relatively inexpensive and packed full of a variety bold flavours. This might become your first steps on the path to craft beer aficionado.

Most Refreshing Summer Ciders

Pip & Seed Crisp

Classic apple cider best served over ice, Pip & Seed Crisp is dry and refreshing with a bright floral aroma and fresh, crunchy apples on the palate. Perfect for the warmer months.

Good George Drop Hop

As unusual as the name suggests, Good George Drop Hop is what happens when you let craft brewers loose on cider. They throw oodles of hops into it of course! Take a few of the most intensely aromatic hop flowers from across the globe & make those apples sing notes of passionfruit, mango, papaya and grapefruit. What an experience!

Orchard Thieves Mandarin

Orchard thieves produce a broad range of sweet summer fruit ciders. Brewbound stock the extensive range, which also includes: Tropical, Peach and Feijoa and Lime. All these bold flavours are unusual and delicious, but on a blazing summer day, the tang of the Mandarin is a personal favourite.

Good George Doris Plumb

I couldn’t help but include Good George more than once on this list. The Good George Doris Plumb Cider has a bold, unique flavour. All the goodness of their favourite cider combined with locally sourced Doris Plums. Hints of plumb, with an irresistible sweet and sour taste, making this one dangerously refreshing.

That’s it for our list of the most refreshing beer and Cider, Brewbound hope you make the most of the New Zealand summer months. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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