Warm up this winter with these delicious midweek cocktails!

Warm up this winter with these delicious midweek cocktails.

As the days get ever colder, there is nothing like a warming winter cocktail to chase away the chills. Although these drinks can technically be sipped all year round, there is something especially satisfying about sitting down and savouring the rich flavours and aromatics of seasonal fruits and ingredients after a day in the chilly air.

We have gathered a few of our favourite, simple but delicious winter inspired cocktail recipes below. These recipes do not have huge long lists of ingredients, they are mainly based a round a few carefully selected elements that set each other off and create simple, exciting flavour combinations. This makes them a perfect, quick to mix, mid-week tipple.

Five of our favourite midweek winter cocktails:


1: Winter Inspired Sangria 

Mix up the seasons by re-purposing this traditionally Mediterranean drink for the colder weather. By switching up your fruit choice, using apple, cranberry and rosemary, the flavours in this sangria are just oh so wintery!

Sangria is the ultimate simple cocktail, just chop, pour and stir and you are ready to go. This recipe calls for a bottle of Pinot Grigio, grape juice and a collection of seasonal fruit.

As a bonus, you get the added snack of some wine soaked fruity goodies at the end of your drink too, what’s not to like?!

Get the full recipe here.



2: Apple Cider Rum Old Fashioned

If you aren’t a fan of whiskey this one is for you!

Not a traditional old fashioned, this recipe swaps out whiskey for golden rum. Ginger liqueur gives the drink a spicy kick, perfect for warming you up after a day in the cold. Treat yourself to this cocktail when sitting under a blanket next to a warm fire for the full experience. 

As an added touch, this recipe calls for the use of apple cider ice cubes. So instead of your cocktail becoming watered down as the ice melts, it is transformed with added cidery goodness as you continue drinking.

Make a whole batch of these ice cubes in advance and you could keep drinking this cocktail all season long.

Get the full recipe here.



3: The Fireside 


Fruity cocktails are perfect for drinking throughout all the seasons, but one way to transform such a drink into a winter inspired concoction is to add rich flavours such as maple syrup, and aromatics such as rosemary which will excite your senses and linger on your taste buds.

This refreshing winter cocktail is based around vodka and grapefruit juice. Wintery additions include Maple syrup and sprigs of rosemary, creating a refreshing cocktail with a wintery depth of flavor.



4: Spiked Hot Chocolate

The classic crowd pleaser, who doesn’t love a hot chocolate?! There is nothing better on a cold winters day than a glass of sweet, rich hot chocolate to get you through the season, even better when it has an added alcoholic kick. 

Some great liqueurs that pair particularly well with hot chocolate include Irish Cream Liqueurs, Hazelnut Liqueur, Whiskey, Rum and Coffee Liqueurs.

One of our favourite spiked hot chocolate recipes uses dark chocolate and Irish Cream Liqueur with added pinches of chilli powder and sea salt for an added spicy kick to really set off the flavours.

Get the full recipe here.















5: Pomegranate and Thyme Gin Fizz


The colour of this cocktail will warm you up just as much as the drink itself! Screaming with winter festivity, this lovely red drink contains rosemary syrup as well as added springs of rosemary for aroma and taste.


When mixing a gin cocktail, it is important to make sure you have a good quality gin. If you can choose one that fits with your season, even better! This cocktail would work very well with a fruity type gin as the star of the drink to set off the pomegranate juice and rosemary syrup that bring it all together.


Get the full recipe here.



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