Top 5 beers courtesy of Brewbound - Auckland’s number 1 alcohol delivery service!

Top 5 beers courtesy of Brewbound - Auckland’s number 1 alcohol delivery service

This month we celebrated national beer day, arguably a day that is only trumped by Christmas. So in celebration of a day that some beer lovers may not even be aware of, we are counting down the best drops to buy from the relative comfort of your home. Who needs to go to the liquor store when you have Brewbound that delivers straight to your door? You may not want to face Auckland's traffic to get those BBQ beers, so why not delegate the task to us. We take beers seriously and your time is precious.

If you are a beer lover, then it is only natural that you have scoured the shelves or browsed intently online to find the best beer that works for you. However let’s not forget that we beer drinkers shouldn't be placed in one bracket. You could be a person who likes a still beer that delivers more hop. On the other hand, you could be someone who prefers the simpler and lighter things in life. Whoever you are and whatever you fancy it still doesn't hurt to have a nosey. I mean you don't have national beer day every day. Let's get out of our comfort zone and try something different… so without further ado here are our top 5 best beers of the month, delivered straight to your door.



At number 5 is a household name. Arguably, even Kiwi’s wine drinkers have tried this tipple. Yet there is no mistake when it comes to the popularity of this iconic beverage. Yes, I’m talking about the bud. Known as the ‘king of beers’ Budwiser was first introduced to the yankies in 1876. This crisp American beer is the icon of the free world or just a cracking beverage, which is why it is entrenched into beer lover’s hearts. You many fancy a cheeky 6 pack at $13.99. Or perhaps what to undertake a more serious drink session with your mates (that’s $25.99 for 12). You can always rely of this barley brew malt that has those oh so subtle blend of premium hop varieties.


Speight is a craft ale that is a perfect balance of aromatic hops with an unmistakable clean finish. When it comes to this brand of beer the motto I always go for is ‘treat yourself’ for $25.99. Speight offers up three excellent craft choices: Gold Rush larger, Triple Hop Pilsner and the 5 malt dark introduced into the Speight’s range in 1992. For me the 5 malt old dark is the classic 'dark' beer, which is why it is ranked at number 4. This beer boasts rich chocolate fudge flavours finished off by subtle undertones. A perfect winter beverage that sees you through those turbulent Kiwi winters. Sold.


Good George was the best thing to come out of Hamilton, a place that arguably doesn’t have that much competition. Serving up both beer and cider - Good George has got most bases covered when it comes to brewing. Currently on sale at Brewbound for a crafty $12.99, you don’t have to break the bank to get the best. The only tricky aspect is which craft beer to pick. I believe that it is all down to personal preference, you might be the sort of person that goes for the classic ale rather than the sparkling alternative. However it can be good to get out your comfort zone and try the taste test. Who knows, you could be converted. I tend to go to the dark side when it comes to ale, nevertheless Good George’s 5% Pilsner gets my vote. Described by the brewers as ‘geographically confused’ the beer is a mixture of new and old word hops and has a deliciously fruity taste tang with grassy undertones - a lighter alternative for any beer drinker.


Our runner up of the month is a personal favourite of mine. Fresh off the plane from London to Auckland, this beer was the first Kiwi beverage that touched my lips, and I haven’t looked back since. Montieth is a brand that offers a wide selection of different tipples that can satisfy any situation.

We often crave consistency as we battle through the elements, the temperamental Kiwi weather that we love so much. When it comes to consistency this brand delivers hands down. From the Monteiths Original Ale to their Summer ale it is hard to pick your favourite. However Monteith's Pointers PA is undoubtedly the one for me.

Monteith showcases a unique blend of five New Zealand hops which is perfectly crafted into Pale Ale. Those layers upon layers of aroma and flavour can make any mouth drool and then when you think you’ve discovered all this beer has to offer the tropical fruit notes are revealed. Not to mention it’s pretty darn crisp as well. Naturally we deliver this delectable 4.5% delight to your door at $16.99 for 6 or $27.99 for 12, it’s an absolute steal.


You may be surprised that after that glowing review of Monteith I haven’t put it at number one. But like the next beer I am full of surprises. Epic surprises to be exact. In case you haven't seen through my blatant reference and my rather pathetic pun, the beer that comes top this month is Epic. Epic beer fits perfectly to that old cliché... 'It does what it says on the tin'. Here at Brewbound - Auckland’s go to beer delivery service you can purchase any beer from this epic range for as little as $6.99 per bottle. Yet the beer who wins first prize is Epic Hop Zombie priced at a slightly higher $10.99.

Hops have taken over the world or at least every place with a pub or/and internet service. Epic Hop Zombie is a beer that perminates the senses. It is the enabler of relaxation; it quite literally stops you dead. Side effects may include salivating over the intense hop flavour and stumbling (it’s 8.5%) around… how very Zombie-esq of you.

So what are you waiting for, visit the Brewbound website and lets all get click happy, we have the internet for a reason.