Love Some Henny

Love Some Henny

Send a beautiful Brewbox to someone you appreciate and have it delivered to their door. All our gift boxes are packed with love and care as if we were sending it to one of our own. 

Brewbox includes:
1 x Hennessy VS 700ml
1 x Kit Kat Choclate Block 170g
1 x Cooper Kettle Sea Salt 40g
2 x Coca Cola Classic Cans 250ml
1 x Cookie Time Cookie 25g
1 x Tom and Luke Snack Balls 70g
1 x Whittaker's Sante Chocolate 3 Pack
5 x Assorted Chocolates

Please note: If on a rare occasion an item included in this gift box become unavailable or out of stock, please allow us to replace it with another item of equal or greater value.


Only left in stock